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Your unforgettable events

Spring Lovers offers to organize your sweetest and most festive events for you.

Entrusting the organization of unforgettable moments means serenely enjoying this beautiful event with your family and friends.

Whatever the expected event, we are here to meet your needs and accompany you at every stage of the preparations. In an intimate or more festive spirit, we take care of making your celebration a moment full of emotions!

Precious Moments

organization of your tailor-made event

(non-exhaustive list)

  • Presentation and validation of service providers.

  • Management of appointments and communication with service providers.

  • Several appointments to follow up the preparations.

  • Managing your budget.

  • Scenographic research and creation of your inspirational moodboard.

  • Drafting of the detailed planning of your event.

  • Our presence at your event.

  • Reception of service providers and answers to various questions.

  • Verification of the delivery of your decorative elements and implementation of your scenography.

  • Management of contingencies (if there are any!) with the utmost discretion.


demande en mariage - wedding planner à Bordeaux
wedding planner à Bordeaux

Your events

A marriage proposal

your engagement

A wedding anniversary

The renewal of your vows

A PACS party

A bachelorette party

A baby shower

A birthday

A baptism

A family party

Celebrate love with us!

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